Tech4Good Lab

Leading design in development of sociotechnical systems for societal flourishing

The Tech4Good Lab at UCSC studies the intersection of computational systems and human interaction, a.k.a. social computing.


Many social issues cannot be addressed by the private sector since they are hard to monetize, but are challenging for governments and non-profits due to the risks in innovation. We seek to fill this gap, by leveraging topics such as crowdsourcing, collective intelligence, social networks, computational social choice, and participatory democracy. Our current focus is on developing systems and algorithms that support communities and crowds in organizing to address social issues.

As a research design engineer for the Tech4Good Lab, I explore new areas of research, rapid prototype, conduct iterative testing, and analyze results on developing, deploying, and scaling products nourished in the lab. Currently, I'm working on an undisclosed project that leverages new areas of study within volunteer crowdsourcing and organizational hierarchies.

See the lab webpage.